Thursday, 28 January 2016

Week 1 in Year 2

Year 2 has been working hard already.

We are all very settled in our beautiful classrooms in the PAC.

Mrs Davis shared about her love of succulents. We planted our own cuttings and are excited to 'watch them grow'.
Some students researched succulents and shared in class. We all learned something new.

Miss Plummer brought along her guitar to share and we sang some favourites in assembly with Miss Plummer accompanying us.

Here are some photos of us planting and enjoying our succulent adventure this week.

The book covers are complete and have been sent home today - Friday.
Please cover them as per the note and then in plastic or clear contact. Send them back ASAP so that your child is prepared for all that is necessary for his/ her Learning Journey.

Next week the students will need to prepare a short talk - about one minute - to share with the class their own interest or hobby. 

Each week the students will present a small speech. With practice this will develop their speaking skills. We will chat about how to improve speech making at school but the preparation will be done at home as part of the homework each week.

It is going to be a treat to hear about all the exciting hobbies that the students have.