Monday, 2 November 2015

What does Not Perfect mean?

Year 2 were challenged by this question today and here are some of their responses.
Not perfect means that everyone is broken, they are perfectly imperfect Jesus and God are the only ones that are perfect.
I think not perfect means that everyone's not the best at everything and this makes us unique.
I think not perfect means I don't have to be right. There's no right or wrong.
The word not perfect means that you are not perfect all the time but you are still yourself
I think that not perfect means everyone is not perfect, we all make mistakes and get it wrong but we can learn to be better.
I think that not perfect means no one is without fault.
l think what perfect means is that everyone isn't perfect and that's good because the world would be boring if we got things the first time.
I think we should do our best even though we are not perfect. 
Have confidence, never give up and be yourself

Not perfect means It doesn't matter if you don't get it wrong, it matters if you try. 

Ten words (Phrases) that come to mind when they hear the phrase “Not Perfect.”
Imperfect, Try, Not right, Be okay of who you are, Don't care about what other people think about you, Do you best, Never give up, Have confidence, I'm okay, We are all similar but so different!