Tuesday, 17 November 2015

NPHCBlogIT Week 3

Today we gathered again with Ms Jenaia as she read chapter 7 of the Not Perfect Hat Club as a stimulus for this week's blog writing. We were also blessed to share this experience with a class from Hong Kong and Western Australia.

1. What kind of creative activities do you like and why?
I like every part of art because it makes me feel free and makes me happy. I also enjoy music, singing and dancing as they all make me feel happy and free.
I enjoy cooking, experiments and adventures. That's when I feel creative.
I like building Lego and drawing weird stuff like pacman or donkey kong and I like electronic blocks, putting them together to see what new things can happen I have built flying things or musical door bells.
My favourite thing to do is to build Lego Ninjago, I don't follow the instructions so I always make new things.
I like to do make paper airplane because they glide through and you can have a race see who can go the furthest or you can do who goes the fastest.
I like Lego because it is fun. Also drawing I like to draw minecraft weapons!.
I like doing art because you can get to put two or more things together to make something new.
My favourite creative activity is minecraft because I like technology and I can build my own creative things like an underwater house or a long roller coaster. I also like roblox studio because I can make creative new things for minecraft and it's not just blocks like minecraft.
I love to paint because it gets me involved in art and it's what I do when I'm bored or sad.
LEGO, I like LEGO because I get to make things.
I love to play soccer because my friends are near me. When my friends are near me I feel safe. I can be a very good sport. I then am happy to try new skills.
I like making craft and I like it because it's fun
I like art l make all kinds of things with my friends. When we have a play date we make drawings which are fun and l make art with my family.
I like drawing because for me it's fun trying to test my skills and try to be better at drawing because when I'm older I want to be an artist.
I like doing art because I can be imaginative. I also like it because I can draw and make whatever I want to at the time.
I love to play with friends and play soccer with my friends.
I love to play my iPod and computer and play agar.io as I can explore new things and learn.
I likee art because I am good at it and I enjoy it. I do lots of types of art everything I have is to do with art.
LEGO, because I can build things and call them weird things that are silly.

2. Newton felt bad about what happened to Jabber and apologized. Describe a time when you wanted to apologize to a friend.

I wanted to apologise to my friend because I tried to make a funny joke but it made her upset. In the end I apologised and it helped to make us friends again.
I tripped someone over and felt very bad about it because they started bleeding and I don't like seeing friends hurt.
I think Newton felt bad because he probably thinks that he destroyed Jabber. I know when I have hurt others I feel sad.
One time I wanted to apologize to a friend because I had said something I did not mean to. They took time to forgive me.
I accidentally said to my best friend that she had popcorn in her buckteeth. She got really upset with me.
When I yeld at my friend I felt bad and I wanted to apologize.
In soccer I tripped someone over and I said sorry. It made me feel better.

3. Has anyone ever apologized to you? Did the apology help you feel better? Why or why not?
I love when my brother apologises to me because he gives me a cuddle and I feel great.
Yes so many people has apologised to me for hurting my feelings means, teasing me and saying that I'm bad at stuff. It helps me feel better.
Someone has been incredibly mean to me and I felt very sad but when they stopped to say sorry it helped.
Yes someone has apologised to me because they accidentally tripped me over. He apologised and it made me feel a lot better. It made me feel better because I know he's sorry for doing it and I know he didn't mean it.
Someone definitely apologised to me. The apology made me feel better. It made me feel better because I felt they really meant they were sorry.
Yes I felt better and made up.
My brother said sorry and I felt better and I forgived him.

4. Why do you think Cooper bragged about himself and made fun of Newton? Is Cooper being a bully? Why or why not?
Cooper the dog is teasing Newton because he is new and different. He thinks his name is bad.
Yes Cooper is being a bully calling Newton names and saying I'm better than you. Calling him Cookie Boy and all that.
Cooper is being a bully because he's trying to get Newton's attention and tease him. Newton feels annoyed.
I think Cooper bragged about himself because he was jealous. I don't think Cooper is being a bully. He is just jealous.
Cooper is being a bully and being mean.

5. What do you think Jabber and Kylee are trying to express with their poetry and violin music?
They are trying to show that they love it and are quite good at it. They want people to know that they practice.
I think Jabber and Kylee are just trying to get attention with their poetry and violin music.
They are good but they want to be perfect. They are trying too hard and this worries them. They are not having fun any more.