Friday, 30 October 2015

Not Perfect Hat Club Blogit

From next week during some of our writing time Year 2 will be blogging their reflections about the Not Perfect Hat Club. This is part of a world wide project NPHCBlogit. The students will be partnering with Mrs Stoufers Class another Year 2 class based in America to provide conversation and feedback on their thoughts. They will engage with the text and asked questions that promote deeper understanding. I would like to encourage you to also give feedback on their writing. Here is a taste of their thoughts so far!

I am excited to join the NPHC because I will get to blog new people and we get to answer questions like a book club and all of us will have lots of fun.
I am looking forward to meeting new people from other classes around the world.
I am excited about joining the Not Perfect Hat Club because I am definitely not perfect and I am really excited to now feel like I don't have to be perfect.
I am excited to be off to the Not Perfect Hat Club!
I am so excited about joining the NPHC because I get to learn that I am not perfect and that's okay
I'm excited because all my friends are in the Not Perfect Hat Club.
I am so excited that we can read this awesome book and hang out with Ms Jenaia.
I am happy to join the NPHC because we will get to see Jena. I am very happy knowing that I am not perfect and that's fine.
I am excited to join the Not Perfect Hat Club because I am not perfect all the time, I make lots of mistakes in my life but I can learn from them.
I am excited about the Not Perfect Hat Club because I like to read books with points and this book has a point. 
I want to join the club because you get to learn how that everyone is not perfect and when you make a mistake you know what to do next time.
I love meeting authors because I love books. So now that Ms Jena has made a book to help us understand that we are not perfect. I am really happy that I can read it and feel great.
I'm excited to join the not perfect hat club because we're not all perfect and we can have lots of fun. I'm also excited to join the club because we get to video talk with the author and draw some great pictures.
I really like to learn to draw new things and getting to know Jena.
I think everyone should join the Not Perfect Hat Club because it is fun and makes everyone feel great.
I'm excited to join the Not Perfect Hat Club because I'm not perfect and everybody makes mistakes. We are all not perfect and not perfect is okay. I like having Jena visit, she is a very nice person. I am looking forward to doing this with my friends. 
The whole world it not perfect!
I am pleased because I get to read more about Newton's adventures.

Students can download their own electronic copy of the NPHC book if they wish.

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Public Speaking Speak Off

This week we had our hotly contested public speaking speak off. Students tried to persuade the audience about why things were important to them. There were wounderful examples including manners, trees, patience and sleep, we were even challenged to think about how difficult it would be to teach our grandparents how to use the Internet!

Our finalist now move to the school finals that will be held on Monday evening.

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

End of Year Parent and Teachers Cocktail Party

The organisers of the Parent and Teachers Cocktail party on Monday evening 9 November 6.00pm would like to request you book your tickets early. Please go to: and follow the prompts. The cost of the night will be $35pp and it will be a excellent night to celebrate the end of another great learning year.

Dance Sport Fun

Today for sport we have been led by two Year 10 students to learn our new dance. Our students were learning how to shimmy, the John Travolta and how to bounce. There were so many smiles. Thank you Olivia and Steph.

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Welcome Back!

Your homework this week is to make sure you have your 
school supplies by Monday.