Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Cars, Busses, Trains, Ferries, Bikes .....

Stage 1 Transport Excursion

On Tuesday 4 August 2015, Stage 1 students, teachers and parent helpers travelled to the city by bus to study different types of transport systems.

At Haymarket we saw the light rail. A bright red tram passed us by and we had our photo snapped in front of it. 

We walked through Tumberlong Park and observed all the different ways people travelled and moved goods. There were pedestrians, bikes, prams, trolleys, buggies, forklifts, diggers and trucks. Some of us discovered fish swimming in the Chinese Garden's ponds, ping pong tables and unusual blue and white striped exercise equipment. We ate our recess in the park but had to be alert because sneaky ibis birds were trying to get a free feed!

 After recess we played 'Spotto' at Cockle Bay, Darling Harbour. We made a tally of all the speed boats, power boats, sailing boats, ferries, naval ships, cruise boats and cargo ships. We were surprised to find a submarine and a 'pirate' ship near the Maritime Museum.

Our ferry trip from Pyrmont to Circular Quay was exciting. The boat was a bit rocky and the cool wind made us feel like icicles but we had a good view of the harbour. Some of us wished we could have hopped off for some fun at Luna Park but we had more transport to spot.

We arrived at Circular Quay and discovered that this was a great place to see transport systems in action. Lots of different types of transport link together at this place. People getting off the ferry had the choice whether to walk to their next destination or whether they would catch a train, a taxi, a bus, a cruise ship, a speed boat or a water taxi. We decided to walk to the Botanical Gardens.

On the way to the gardens we spotted a blimp high in the sky. It looked like it was following us and kept circling around us while we ate lunch. The highlight of our lunch break was rolling down a huge hill pretending we were tyres. Miss Lloyd even rolled down the hill!

Mr Host made us walk a really long way to Mrs Macquarie's Chair where the bus picked us up. We were all feeling tired and we were glad to sit in the warm bus for our trip back to school. In fact it made us feel sleepy!

We had an awesome time on our excursion. 

All our photos are in the City Excursion folder in the photos tab. Check them out!!