Sunday, 19 July 2015

Australian Interschool Ski Racing Championships

During the holidays Isabella was able to represent the school at the Australian Interschool Ski Racing Championships at the Snowy Mountains. This is her recount of this.

It all started very early in the morning, it was very cold and I was a bit nervous . We travelled up the mountain on the Ski Tube to get our skis out from the locker room, but the locker room wasn’t open. It was a bit crazy but luckily someone had gone to get help so we could get our skis out in time for our race.

Lachlan and I jumped onto the chairlift, but Mummy couldn't get on without her skis. Mummy was helping as a race official, so we went on the chairlift by ourselves. It was very cold that morning and snowing. I skied down to the start of the race track so I could do a practice run.  It was soon time for my race to start, so I skied back down to the chairlift and rode up the top of the mountain to the start line. The race officials were marshalling everyone into their race order, I was number 6. When I realised it was almost time for my race to start I got a little bit nervous.

There is a special trip wire which starts my time. I put my stocks out in front of the trip wire and then they said: “red course ready, blue course ready, racers ready, GO!”

I pushed my stocks out and raced through the trip wire and down the mountain skiing beside the flags. The course was a little bit icy but I raced as fast as I could. The boys raced beside me, their course had blue flags and the girls had red flags.  After my first race, I had one last try on the race course. My first race time was 43.46 and on my second time was 46 seconds. The two times gave me a combined time of 89.46 and I finished in 31st place. There were 121 girls racing that morning. It was freezing but we had so much fun and I love skiing it is my favourite sport. Thank you to the school for letting me ski in the Interschool race.

By Isabella.