Monday, 8 June 2015

Week 8 Homework

This week our sound focus is “i_e” as in ice, “y” as in fly, “igh” as in night, “i” as in spider and “ie” as in pie
In Maths we are focusing on chance and in Science we are continuing our study of water. Please login to mathletics and complete the set tasks.

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Mr Host's Visit to Edutech Brisbane

On the 2nd and 3rd of June Mr Collins, Mrs Erwin and myself attended Australia's largest educational conference in Brisbane. Edutech had many highlights; however, the moments that gave me the greatest sense of joy were seeing the response of my teach meet audience when they were connected with Year 2 in a Google Hangout video conference. Isabella and Amy-Jay spoke with confidence giving the audience of 150 an insight into why they as learners find benefit in connecting globally with other classes, teachers, grandparents and authors. The feedback after this session was impressive. The audience could clearly see how the video conferencing was being used in a variety of ways to enhance learning outcomes. They were also able to discover how easy these connections were made. The second highlight was seeing our toys that were created for Hope and Care School, Uganda presented in front of an audience of over 80 people. This was demonstrating how students are able to create solutions to authentic issues by implementing problem based learning and a maker mindset.

I am excited to see these experiences continue, allowing Year 2 and other classes access to real world learning that is authentic and deep. I look forward to having many other experts and classes visit our class, breaking down the physical barriers that separate us. 

Thank you Year 2 for being willing to let me be away for the last two days, I am proud of you!