Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Amy's Fete Adventures

First my family arrived at the fete. Then we went into the PAC where we met my Nan. My Nan sat at the front. My Mum, Dad and my brother sat at the back. I did my two songs in choir and dress up as cowgirl's and cowboy's. The two songs were the welcome song and the Jesus hokey pokey. Then I met my Nan the she took me to my Mum and Dad. I showed them the photo gallery. My Mum went to get a coffee then we went to my classroom. We looked at all the cool stuff. I watched Kate play with the cool toy car. Then we had a look and used the app Aurasma. My Mum thought it was super cool. Then we searched almost the whole school to get a pancake. We walked up and sat down on the tables and chairs under the cola. I ate my pancake and my Mum drank her coffee. My pancake was very yummy. Then we had a went down the rolling hills. We saw some boys playing with these cool toys and we asked them where they got them. Then we bought three of them. Then we went and I asked my Mum if I could pay for a token. Then I won a pack of sour lollies with my token. My Mum went up to start work. I helped my Mum set up for her face painting stall. I helped her put the sheet on the table and I put some posters up. Then I met my brother and Dad. They took me down to see the rides but we didn't go on any. We then went to the science lab we saw some really cool stuff there and the science lady gave me sum of the super cool fake snow and a stick on tattoo. Then we went back up to my Mum I hanged around her while she did her work for about thirty minutes. While I was waiting I played with my toy and I ate some sour lollies. then I met up with my friends. One of my friends got a face paint from my mum then I took my friends down to the science lab. After that I met my Dad and he gave me ten dollars for two rides. Then me and my friends got a free lollipop from the little boll. First I went on a really cool jumping wet game with one of my friends. We got three turns on that ride. Then my friend took me to a ride called storm. We only got one go of that. Then I left and went to go visit my family at the face painting stall. My Mum was almost finished. We helped her pack up. I gave my brother a lollipop and we went home.

Amy Jai