Friday, 29 May 2015

Homework Week 7

Please click here for this week's homework.

Monday, 25 May 2015

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Water Fun!

Today has been a day all about water. Firstly this morning we had a google hangout with Mrs Miner from North America. She was talking to us about some of the differences in the environments from America to Australia. This was part of our "Wet and Dry Environments" HSIE unit.

After this we had a lot of fun exploring volume using water.

Finally today we have been looking at the properties of water for our Science unit "Water Works".


Earlier this week Year 2 ventured down the coast to Minnamurra Rainforest to explore this "Wet Environment". They saw a strangler fig that was over one thousand years old, the impact of early settlers harvesting the red cedar and learned about some of the impacts humans have on the ecology of an area. Students were excited to see a rock wallaby, lyrebird and a water dragon as well as many other small insects and bug that call the forest home. Please take a look at the photos.

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Excursion News

With our excursion to the rainforest happening on Monday, Mr Coote has given students permission to take their own technology (ipod, radio, DS, ipad ect.) for the bus trip. These will remain locked in the bus with the driver while we are in the rainforest for security. Students will need to be responsible and will not have any internet connectivity. We will be using the school's iPads while we are there so we do not need cameras. Please ensure students have sports uniforms, water and lunch. No money is needed.

The students are so excited and we are expecting a wonderful learning experience throughout our journey.

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

African Children's Choir Performance

We are all excited about singing with the African Children's Choir.

Many have asked..."What do we wear?"

Please wear your full school winter uniform. 

See you tomorrow night!

Thursday, 7 May 2015

African Children's Choir

Not long to go now!!!

African Children's Choir Concert 
is on Thursday 14 May  at 7pm in the Performing Arts Centre (PAC).

Year 2 have been invited to perform with the African Children’s Choir at this event. They will also be involved in workshops on Thursday during the day.

All students are required to purchase a ticket.

This is a wonderful opportunity to mix with and learn from children from a different culture. The music is inspiring and we warmly commend this concert to you.

Tickets are available on

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Logan's School Fete Reflection

On Saturday I went to the school Fete with my Mum and brother. I sung as part of our choir in the PAC. We sang two songs. We went on rides and went to the high school. At the high school we saw the silent action. Riley went with his friend Lachlan but he had a phone with him. Our Dad didn't go because our baby brother was only four so he couldn't stay home by himself.

Lily's Fete Reflection

On the weekend we went to the school fete it was fun I went on the rides with my friends and family and then we went and I performed in the PAC. We sung the welcome song and the Jesus hokey pokey it was so much fun and then I showed my Mum and Dad and my Grandad and Grandma my classroom. They liked it! Then we got some popcorn, a snow cone and also a lollipop. After this my friends and I went to the science lab and got a bag of snow and my favourite ride was the storm and all of it was so much fun.

Amy's Fete Adventures

First my family arrived at the fete. Then we went into the PAC where we met my Nan. My Nan sat at the front. My Mum, Dad and my brother sat at the back. I did my two songs in choir and dress up as cowgirl's and cowboy's. The two songs were the welcome song and the Jesus hokey pokey. Then I met my Nan the she took me to my Mum and Dad. I showed them the photo gallery. My Mum went to get a coffee then we went to my classroom. We looked at all the cool stuff. I watched Kate play with the cool toy car. Then we had a look and used the app Aurasma. My Mum thought it was super cool. Then we searched almost the whole school to get a pancake. We walked up and sat down on the tables and chairs under the cola. I ate my pancake and my Mum drank her coffee. My pancake was very yummy. Then we had a went down the rolling hills. We saw some boys playing with these cool toys and we asked them where they got them. Then we bought three of them. Then we went and I asked my Mum if I could pay for a token. Then I won a pack of sour lollies with my token. My Mum went up to start work. I helped my Mum set up for her face painting stall. I helped her put the sheet on the table and I put some posters up. Then I met my brother and Dad. They took me down to see the rides but we didn't go on any. We then went to the science lab we saw some really cool stuff there and the science lady gave me sum of the super cool fake snow and a stick on tattoo. Then we went back up to my Mum I hanged around her while she did her work for about thirty minutes. While I was waiting I played with my toy and I ate some sour lollies. then I met up with my friends. One of my friends got a face paint from my mum then I took my friends down to the science lab. After that I met my Dad and he gave me ten dollars for two rides. Then me and my friends got a free lollipop from the little boll. First I went on a really cool jumping wet game with one of my friends. We got three turns on that ride. Then my friend took me to a ride called storm. We only got one go of that. Then I left and went to go visit my family at the face painting stall. My Mum was almost finished. We helped her pack up. I gave my brother a lollipop and we went home.

Amy Jai

Oskar's School Fete Reflection

At the school fete I had a really fun time. I did violin and choir. I had a snow cone, a cupcake and a sausage sandwich. I liked the wifi speed tank. I got hand blasters. I went to my classroom and saw all my work. I saw my friends and my mum was working in the cake stall. I watched my sister sing three songs and play her band songs as well.


Remy's School Fete Reflection

On the school fete I had lots of fun there was a room with some technology like coding games, robots and 3D stuff. I loved all the rides and lollies. The thing I loved the most was the technology place. It showed of all the amazing robots and stuff that the high school has done. I love the how much chocolate there was! There was a place with lots of cars that are olden day like a Ferrari. I wish I could have driven it!


Sunday, 3 May 2015

Week 3 Homework

What a great weekend at our school fete. This week for Homework we are focusing on the sound 'h' as in house and 'j' as in jellyfish. We are also beginning to prepare a presentation on a wet environment.

Remember; a wet environment is a place or area which is wet or has a lot of rain or precipitation.

The task is to draw a picture of a ‘Wet Environment’ and talk about it. Include information such as where it is found in Australia or in the world; what kind of animals live in this environment and whether there is a place of interest in this area.

Some wet environments are: wetlands (e.g. Kakadu), the ocean (eg. the Great Barrier Reef), rainforests (e.g. Daintree Rainforest).

These presentations will take place in Weeks 4 and 5.