Thursday, 23 April 2015

Mandarin Connection

This afternoon we were able to make a real world connection to a British International School in Singapore to practice our Mandarin. Earlier this year Mrs Vernon visited our school and we believed that a connection like this would be engaging and make the student learning very real. It was a wonderful experience and I am sure Lin Laoshi is looking forward to connecting Mrs Vernon's school again soon.

Please have a look in the Mandarin folder in the Photos to see some other photos and videos.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

ANZAC Lessons & Finishing Our Toys for Hope and Care School in Uganda

Year 2 today was a flurry of activity as we spent much of the day reflecting on what ANZAC day really means. We read "Meet the ANZAC's", "Fields of Poppies", "Anzac Biscuits" & "Digger the Dog who went to War". This inspired the creation of paper poppies to be worn at our ANZAC assembly tomorrow.

Towards the end of the day Year 2 began the final sand of their Horse for Hope! Some of the groups even were able to put down their first layer of undercoat. It has be a magnificent start to the term that has already had a lot of fun, we look forward to many more exciting learning experiences as we continue on this Year 2 adventure.


Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Term 2

Welcome back for Term 2. As we are noticing there is a lot rain falling from the sky. What a great lead into what Year 2 are looking at this term, Wet and Dry Environments and Water usage. Today we began our discovery looking at Jeannie Bakers book "Where the Forest meets the Sea". We were also able to begin looking at our native animal research using the Wilderquest App.

How to bring the rainforest to the classroom without leaving the room? Take a look at the photos.