Monday, 27 October 2014

Maths Group Fun

Today we began to revise subtraction. Students played games such as race to spend 100. It was a shopping frenzy.

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Week 3 update

It has been such a massive week of learning in Year 2. This week started with Michael Salmon coming to speak with the boys about writing and illustrating narratives. While our girls also had a special guest Hayley Shanks along with Mrs Shanks and a group of mothers come and teach them how to created magnificent celebration food.

We have been looking this week at the many different celebrations conducted around the world both in Library and in class and have finished off looking at "Time" for the year.

Later in the week we started our writers workshop where students were given the task of creating interactive iBooks. Currently these are in draft stage; however, the plan is to release the library of these later this term. I am impressed with the skill and creativity being displayed both in the narrative and the illustrations.

Today all students have been given their username letters, this will allow student access to both their email and drives where their files are kept. If you have any queries please come and speak with me about this.

Please remember the Public Speaking Competition is next week.

Monday, 20 October 2014

Week 3

Welcome to Week 3 of Term. This week we are reviewing Time in Maths and begin our Graham Base author study. We will be continuing our focus on public speaking and looking at Celebrations in our families.

Today the boys enjoyed the pleasure of an author visit, I have already observed some charactertures being drawn and created. Whilst the girls not missing out created some lovely chocolate balls with Mrs Shanks.

This weeks homework is similar to last week leading into the public speaking competition next week.

The following videos taken during the Year 2 Assembly Item.

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Welcome to Week 2

As we slide into Week 2, I wanted to inform you of the major areas of study for Year 2 this Term. Our big theme we are looking at is Celebrations. This will take a different form in each subject; however, leading into Christmas it is appropriate.

In English we are conducting an Author Study of Graham Base's work check out his website to learn more. We will be focusing on in our writing time Narratives and we hope to publish a library of interactive books by the end of the term.

This week in Maths we are revisiting Whole Number and Money. We will look at place value and trading items for sale.

The following in this weeks homework.

I hope you have a wonderful week.

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Book Reviews

The following is the link to the Book Review structure we are using in class. I will be sending one home; however, some students have requested it.


Write a Book Review on one of your favourite books identifying books the Title and Author, The Characters, a short recount of the Plot within the book, your Opinion on why you enjoyed the book and Recommendations for readers. 

The Presentation schedule

Week 2
Lachlan C
Week 3
Lachlan R

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Welcome to Term 4!

We hope and pray you had a wonderful and refreshing holiday. It was lovely to see the children this morning and hear about their adventures during the break. They have written a short recount of some of their favourite memories.

Today, with your generous contributions, 2S and 2H were able to fill 10 shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child. Thank you!

The shoeboxes will be picked up early next week. If you and your family would like to fill one of your own, we still have some boxes available, but they would need to be returned by Monday.

During Weeks 2 and 3, Year 2 will be presenting their book reviews. We have placed a link to some sample book reviews done by children under the English Talking and Listening tab above. It might be helpful for the students to have a look at these and also use a graphic organiser to assist their planning. We have been talking about book reviews and will be completing written reviews in class.

ASSEMBLY INVITATION! On Friday of Week 2 (17th October) at 11am, Year 2 will be presenting an assembly item in the PAC. We'd love you to join us and hear us sing a song about Loving One Another. The children might like to have a practise of the song, they can find the link below. Looking forward to a busy and exciting term!

Mrs Shanks and Mr Host