Monday, 7 April 2014

The Fox Innovations

Year two have been studying graphic text throughout the term. One such text is "The Fox" by Margret Wild and Ron Brooks. Student were asked to write a new ending as an innovation to the text. It was impressive to observe the varied and rich language used by the students in these pieces of writing, mirroring the language and intentions of the authors.

The Magpie's Adventure

Through the charred forest, over the hot ash runs Dog with a bird clamped in his big gentle mouth. Dog ran all of the way to the mouth of the cave. Magpie felt herself melting into the blackness, "I will be your missing eye and you will be my missing wing" said Magpie. 

One Day Fox appeared. He went up to Magpie and said "do you want to fly higher than you have before?" Magpie didn't answer until he was asked the following day. "I will go with you" he said and so they went. 

Not long later Magpie thought it was a bad idea but it was too late. Fox had stopped in the desert. The sun was well in the sky and the heat was pounding down on her. As Fox bounded away Magpie heard a faraway scream. She could not tell if it was from Fox. She could not tell if it was a scream of triumph. As she laid there she could feel herself melting but she was not going to give up!

by Louella

Magpie's Journey Home

Magpie huddles, a scruff of feathers a drift in the heat. she could feel herself burning into the nothingness. It would be easy for her just to die here in the desert.

Then she thinks of Dog waking to find her gone.

Slowly, jiggly-hop, she begins her long journey home. She sees Fox heading to Dog, she thinks of Dog running to get her. Magpie thought, "I wonder if Dog will come to get me from the desert?"

Magpie could see lots of other birds in the sky urging her on. Then she reached him after seven days of walking. Magpie told Dog what had happened to her, "I had to go through the forest, it was very dark and scary". She told him about how she saw Fox run off into the forest and the large green trees that the wind blew causing the shadows to look frightening. 

Magpie said "Dog I am so glad to be with you. I will never leave you again."

by Zoe