Wednesday, 19 March 2014

All I want for Christmas is a 3D Printer!

Today was a day filled with joy and excitement. We began our morning on a writing task rewriting Shawn Tan's book The Red tree. The task was to state it in the positive and to attach the appropriate emotions. I was immensely impressed with the level of engagement and enthusiasm show by all of our class.

During sport we played dodgeball and in Maths we continued to work with fractions, playing with 1/2's 1/3's and 1/4's. 

The most exciting part of today was Year 2 supported by the most amazing Mrs Erwin (our High School computing teacher) discovered a whole new technological world. Students were able to see and experience how toy makers currently manufacture their prototypes using a 3D printer. Sorry parents there were a lot of students stating that this was now their number 1 Birthday or Christmas present!

We also heard from Ms. Ross' class in Canada (this was a new discovery for many in 2H, Canada is not part of the USA). We will be writing back to them and answering their questions about Australia via their class blog tomorrow.

The following link it to a short video of the 3D Printer printing a simple design created today.