Monday, 31 March 2014

The Clock Tower

Today we spent quite some time focusing on writing. Our stimulus was a short video created by Cara Antonelli. This video is a story set in a fairytale land.  A beautiful dancer spends all of her life stuck at the top of the clock tower.  She spins on her toes incessantly in order for the clock to work. 

One day she becomes curious about the world outside, especially the balloons that float past her window.  

As she steps into the outside world something has changed.  All the colour has gone from the world and everything is frozen in time. 

The only thing that can bring it to life is our beautiful dancer, powering the clock again.

Students identified many different meanings captured within the video including the idea that we all have a purpose.
Examples of these are 

"She is like Jesus, the world would be nothing, it would lose its beauty. Once she was gone out of the clock tower the world went black". - Rachael 

"The dancer makes the clock tower work which makes the world have colour. She feels sad and lonely that see so much colour but is not part of it. When she stops spinning the colour stops". - Grace

"The girl was a gear, part of a bigger machine that made the clock tower work. She went outside and the world became cold and frozen, with no colour". - Luke

Please enjoy this short beautiful video. If students wish to respond to this they can write a short comment on "The Wall", please remember just first names.

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Week 10 Homework

I hope everyone has enjoyed on most part a dry and sunny weekend. This week sees the second last week for Term 1 in Year 2. I have been incredibly blessed getting to know each child as an individual learner over the past 9 weeks.

This week out Sound Focus is ‘g’ as in gate and ‘gg‘ as in egg. Year 2 will bring to a close their study on Visual Literacy with the class looking at the characters 'Gaze' and the 'Attitude and Mood' in an image. We will be again focusing on vertical additions in Numeracy and our study of life cycles finish up. The cutting of the 'Toys for Katoke' will happen in Week 11.

The following is a link to the Week 10 Homework.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Life cycles

This afternoon Year 2 explored the life cycle of butterfly and a frog. Through observing these cycles students were able to reflect upon the simalarites and differences when compared to the Helicoverpa Armigera. They then modelled their understanding using plasticine. Some of these took a rather creative stance (Maybe inspired by the new Muppets Movie being released later this year).

Tuesday, 25 March 2014


Today we have continued to learn about Fractions in Maths. We learnt that fractions are even parts of a whole.

Thank you to the wonderful parent helpers for their support and assistance today. I know some of the activities were messy but all of the students were engaged and focused. They also loved the benifit of creating and eating the fruit platter at the end.

Monday, 24 March 2014

3D Printer Student Reflections

As promised to Year 2 the following are some examples of some amazing journal writing last week.

3D Printer By Jessica

Year Two went down to the High School to see the 3D printer. The filament is like ink. It prints layers over a honeycomb shaped core. The printer costs $2500 to buy and each filament roll costs $30. The 3D printer can print edible food and medicine. It can print body parts such as bionic hands, oesophagus, ears and parts of peoples faces. The 3D printer is controlled by a computer. It made teapots, cars and frogs that can jump.

3D Printer by Ryan

On Wednesday we went to visit the High School to see Mrs Erwin's 3D printer. You can print a 3D object like a teapot. The printer was called "Chef Jet". You can even print letters and numbers. It prints items with honeycomb cores inside of them. The printer costs $2500 and a filament roll costs about $30. You can print bionic ears, hands and parts of peoples faces. The printer is controlled by a computer and can also print forms of medicine. The filament is like normal ink in a printer and looks like a thin string.

3D Printer by Alannah 

On Wednesday we went to the High School. We saw Mrs Erwin. We went to the High School because we are making toys for Katoke. Mrs Erwin told us that we can even make food and body parts! The printer is called a "Chef Jet" and can print medicines. While we were there we saw it printing letters and numbers. The filament prints thick or thin. The printer coasts $2500 and each filament roll costs $30.

3D Printer by Rachael

Today Year 2 went to the High School to see Mrs Erwin from the TAS department to see the 3D printer. Mrs Erwin showed us some of the toys she had printed then she took four people at a time to see the printer print a letter "A". Everyone went off to see a different stage of the printing. Mrs Erwin said that she would give everyone in Year 2 a printed moth, she also gave out the letters she had made.

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Week 9 Homework

This week we enter Week 9 of Term 1. This term has past by incredibly quickly and some eyes are beginning to focus on what is on the horizon. Can I encourage you to continue to remind students to use their manners and show respect for themselves and others as we begin the journey into the Easter season.

This week we are continuing our Emotional Intelligence focus, building a richer vocabulary around this topic. We will be looking at both a characters gaze and angle in which the subject is positioned in Visual Literacy. In Maths we will continue the work we began last week with fractions. With Science and HSIE it will be another full week, students will observe another major change in the lives of the Helicoverpa Armigeria and hopefully we will get our first sets of cut material from our TAS department (This may also include an excursion to the High School Wood Work rooms to experience this being done).

I hope it has been a wonderful weekend.

Week 9 Homework

Friday, 21 March 2014

3D Printing Student feedback

On Thursday students from 2H were asked to reflect on their excursion to the 3D printer and what they learnt through the process. These are some of the classes initial oral reflections. 

"I learnt that the 3D printer could print food."
"I learnt that the 3D printer could print things like mind craft things."
"I learnt that 3D printer could print body parts."
"I learnt that the 3D printer prints inside of objects like honeycomb."

"I learnt that the 3D printer could be used in medicine."

Enjoy your weekend.

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

All I want for Christmas is a 3D Printer!

Today was a day filled with joy and excitement. We began our morning on a writing task rewriting Shawn Tan's book The Red tree. The task was to state it in the positive and to attach the appropriate emotions. I was immensely impressed with the level of engagement and enthusiasm show by all of our class.

During sport we played dodgeball and in Maths we continued to work with fractions, playing with 1/2's 1/3's and 1/4's. 

The most exciting part of today was Year 2 supported by the most amazing Mrs Erwin (our High School computing teacher) discovered a whole new technological world. Students were able to see and experience how toy makers currently manufacture their prototypes using a 3D printer. Sorry parents there were a lot of students stating that this was now their number 1 Birthday or Christmas present!

We also heard from Ms. Ross' class in Canada (this was a new discovery for many in 2H, Canada is not part of the USA). We will be writing back to them and answering their questions about Australia via their class blog tomorrow.

The following link it to a short video of the 3D Printer printing a simple design created today.

Monday, 17 March 2014

Our Pets have a new Home

As the process of metamorphosis has been taking place we have discovered many interesting changes in the Helicoverpa Armigera. Today a significant changed happened with students transferring the small insects from their individual living quarters to their new home in the raring bucket. We are excited to experience the next stage of metamorphisis.

We also today heard from Ms. Ross's class, they have been on spring break. We are hoping to respond to their blog comment later today on their class blog.

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Term 1 Week 8 Homework

I hope you have all had a wonderful weekend. Thank you for the many well wishes over the weekend for a speedy recovery for my back, your prayers and thoughts have been appreciated. The following link is to Week 8 Homework.

This week we will continuing to focus in Literacy on Visual Literacy and digging deeper into the unit we began last week on Emotional Intelligence. In Maths we will be looking at Fractions. Our units about change over time we will be printing a prototype of our Year 2 Toy for Katoke on the 3D printer and documenting more changes of our Helicoverpa Armigera.

I am looking forward to a wonderful week and hope to see you at our Parent / Teacher Interviews this week.

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

International Visitors

2H would like to welcome Ms. Ross' Year 3 Class from North America. We have loved looking at many of the adventures you have been doing in your classroom. We are looking forward to increasingly sharing our learning experiences with you.

The Red Tree

Today we began a new unit on Emotional Intelligence based on an amazing book by Shaun Tan. The Red Tree is a story without any particular narrative; a series of distinct imaginary worlds as self-contained images which invite readers to draw their own meaning in the absence of any written explanation. A nameless young girl appears in every picture, a stand-in for ourselves; she passes helplessly through many dark moments and ultimately finds something hopeful at the end of her journey.

At first many of the students were unsure of the meaning of the story but as we began to unpack this they discovered that they could empathise with the character.

Over the next week we are creating a Year 2 Red Tree, it will be a place where students are able to identify feelings and emotions. Students will also be able to leave words of encouragement for each other creating a culture of support and care amongst the Year 2 students.

The following link is to a youtube version of the book, it would be great to continue this conversation beyond the classroom.

The Red Tree

Images courtesy of Shaun Tan

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Caterpillar and Katoke Update

Many students today discovered a change in the look of their caterpillars. Some had shed their skin and became a pupa. They have white tummies now and their little legs squirrel around in the container. Later this week it will be time to put them in the moth bucket so that they can move on to the next stage of metamorphosis. We have been writing learning journals and keeping a calendar with pictures and labels to show the progression. 

We also took a google earth journey from Inaburra to Katoke and explored the village life. The following links are to Isaac's Life at Katoke and Sam Jones - Lending a hand at Katoke. These videos are promotions created by the Katoke Trust.

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Week 7 Homework

Welcome to Week 7. I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend and are ready for a big week of learning. Our big focus this week will be in Maths - Mass, English - Descriptive Writing, Visual Literacy - Shade and Light, HSIE - refining our Toy Designs and Science - observations of our Helicoverpa Armigera.

The following link is this weeks homework.

Week 7 Homework

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Subtraction Problem Solving and Creation

Students have been discovering the joy of solving subtractions as well as creating larger problems for each other to solve. This week we have looked at converting horizontal subtractions to vertical subtractions. Many students now realise vertical subtraction is more efficient when working with larger numbers. They just need to remember to line digits up in the correct place value columns.

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Toy Story

Students today travelled through the design making process for their toys. They were presented with the challenge of designing a toy that was to be made of metal or wood, moves, has no batteries, is easy to repair, is fun and changeable. This highlighted the need for team members to have clear and concise ideas, the willingness to share their perspective and listen to others opinions to design a toy meeting the requirements. Here are some of the results that will be passed on to the TAS department for judging as part of the prototype development.