Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Watch it Grow - The Metamorphosis of Helicoverpa Armigera

Year 2 is studying a unit called "Watch it grow" which is about change in animals and humans. As part of our scientific study, we will be observing the life cycle of Helicoperva Armigera.

This afternoon, we made predictions about how this might occur by answering the following questions:

1. What will the eggs turn into?
2. How long before the eggs hatch?
3. What will they eat?
4. How will we store the the Helicoperva Armigera?

Predictions of Helicoverpa Armigera

The answers were astounding and varied. It was amazing to see the creativity and imagery of the children's minds.

We also discussed how frustrating it was to be studying something so unknown. We came to the conclusion that science is all about making predictions, experimenting, and making mistakes, in order to come up with some conclusive findings.

If you are game, you might like to predict the answers to these questions with your children. They will delight in being able to play with you in this way.

After our investigation and prediction, we watched a video that explained the whole process and compared them to our original predictions which was met with much surprise and excitement.

The link to the video is below. It runs for ten minutes and is very informative.

Video Link

Happy metamorphosis Year 2