Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Catalyst - The Way We Were Problem Based Learning.

Today we continued learning about our Inaburra Story. We were introduced to a former member of staff and Deputy Principal, Mr Moir. We looked at his journey from Inaburra to his present position as Principal at Katoke School, Tanzania. This school, like Inaburra has an amazing heritage although it is located in an impoverished part of Africa. 
Students were challenged with the following problem "You are a toy designer hoping to launch the next great toy that will be popular for years to come in the community of Katoke, Tanzania, Africa.  What direction should you take in the design of this toy, and why will children be drawn to it?" From this problem they formed groups and were assigned the roles of spokesperson, group leader and scribe.
The ideas generated by the students were fascinating and produced a large amount of enthusiastic and animated discussion, "what type of toy would I create if I could make one?" "How can I create a toy without batteries as they may not have the money to replace the batteries?" It will be an interesting conversation to continue.