Thursday, 9 January 2014

Welcome to the 2H 2014 Class Blog

The New Year has come and so have the preparations for an exciting year for 2H. This blog is designed to capture many of the joyful moments created whilst on our journey as learners. 
This year, 2H will explore how life has changed over time, engage with research about why transport is used to support our way of life. Students will discover and evaluate the cultural implications of celebrations in our society and research Wet and Dry Environments and the plants and animals that can be classified within them. 
The class will be undertaking literacy study on the Miraculous Journey of Edward Tullane, an author study on the books of Graham Base and a rich study into imaginative writing. 
During Mathematics and Science 2H will utilise many game-based activities to allow learning to happen within a hands on learning environment. 
The ICT resources that will be integrated throughout the year will be varied but will include iPads and laptops, cloud-based computing such as Mathletics, SpellingCity, Soundwaveskids, Studyladder and Skwirk. Skills that student are likely to develop may include video creation and editing, photography, use of augmented reality and email software, becoming guest authors of the class blog and the creation of interactive ebooks. 
I am looking forward to the year ahead and the learning journey we are going to take together as a class. Until then enjoy the rest of your Summer Holidays!